Fitness For Puppies

The Holidays are tough. Everyone has family gatherings and it’s difficult to find time to exercise. Instead of waiting for the New Year to get to the gym, you can workout at home with my new program. I made this program for You. Each workout is under 25 minutes and will help you burn fat, boost metabolism, improve aerobic fitness, and save puppies.

100% of proceeds will go to In Our Hands Rescue in New York City to help the non-profit survive.

These workouts aren’t as easy as eating holiday cookies. They push you hard and make you sweat. But they’re effective and they can be tailored to many fitness levels.

Pace yourself. Use good form on every exercise and if you need an extra break, don’t hesitate to take one.

Most of the workouts require dumbbells. Don’t have dumbbells? Use milk jugs. If you’re struggling to get the prescribed number of reps in a db exercise, lower the weight. Barely feel winded (unlikely)? Go a little heavier on the db exercises or add weight to the step ups.

I hope you’re ready. Everyone can set aside 25 min to exercise through the holidays. If you have any questions, email me at and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


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